CHICAGO – Mayor-elect Brandon Johnson on Sunday announced nearly 400 appointments to 11 transition subcommittees, which were established last week. “In order to create policies to deliver on our vision for a better, stronger, safer Chicago, we need everyone at the table,” said Mayor-elect Brandon Johnson. “I look forward to creating the foundation for a bold, equitable agenda for the next four years. With our broad, diverse group of appointments, we will benefit from their lived experiences and their connections to the community in order to create an administration that truly represents all Chicagoans.” 

The subcommittees’ work will culminate in a written report issued in the coming weeks to shape and guide the work of the new administration. In addition to this transition committee work, Mayor-elect Johnson will be announcing other forms of community engagement in the coming months, including advisory committees and listening sessions. 

José Rico is a Public Safety Subcommittee Member. Click to see the full list of appointments by subcommittee.